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TWIN2X4096-8500C5D - 1 module bad?

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I purchased this kit on May 2nd (a little under two months ago) and they have been working perfectly up until a few days ago when I started getting random BSODs and various errors in the event log.


While I did run MemTest86+, it was only for one pass and it hadn't been acting up prior to it. I know many more passes are recommended, but I previously had an Asus Striker II Extreme MB and had nothing but problems with RAM in it and have ran more passes of MemTest than I care to think about. This is my main computer and as such I need to be able to use it. Since ditching the overpriced S2E and getting this Gigabyte board (and this Corsair RAM as it is a different type than the S2E used), it's been smooth sailing until recently :) Anyway, enough back-story.


This is what I did and why I conclude that one of the modules is bad. If the S2E taught me anything, it is to keep good logs of your problems. All tests were with only one module installed at a time:


1) This computer worked flawless with the same settings for almost two months.


2) I started receiving various stop codes (BSOD) and errors listed in Event Viewer, sometimes the same, usually something completely random, which in my opinion suggested memory as a likely culprit.


3) I tried module #1 in slot 1 for 30 minutes, then slot 3. Then module #2 in slot 1, then slot 3. No problems. Probably not long enough.


4) I put module #1 back in slot 1 and let the computer "idle" while I was away. I came home to a BSOD and was able to later determine that the first errors occured after about 6 hours of up-time.


5) I put module #2 in slot 1 and let the computer idle. I decided to leave it on overnight and woke up to a normal & happy computer after 17 hours of up-time.


6) I put module #1 back in slot 1 and used it lightly with some idling. After sitting for a while, I went to use it and it hard locked on me. Later determined that the first errors in Event Viewer occured after about 7 hours of up-time. Since the computer completely locked up, I reset it. Instead of getting the Windows splash screen, I got a BSOD. I reset it again and again got a BSOD.


7) Within one minute of this, I had module #1 out and module #2 back in and powered it up. Booted just fine.


8) I should also add that I couldn't get the computer to complete CHKDSK with module #1 in (kept crashing), but it completed fine with module #2.


9) Also, all temps are normal (CPU, GPU, MB & HDD). Room temp 78 F.


Sorry so long, just figured I'd let you know exactly what I did right up front. It would appear to me that module #1 is bad and I would like to RMA it.


I do have one question though if you agree and decide to let me RMA it. These are tested and sold in pairs to ensure they work well together. If I send the one back and get a new one, I will no longer have a tested "pair". I would send both back, but I have no other DDR2 RAM and I cannot do without this computer for several days. How does this work when there is a problem with one module in a pair? Send one in, then send the other after receiving the replacement pair? Just curious.



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Thanks for the response! Do I need to send them both at once, or can I send the bad one, then the other one after I get the new pair? I'm not sure how you deal with pairs of RAM like this. I'm guessing I would need to send them both in before I get the second pair? I don't really have a problem with running to the local store to buy a temporary/backup module, but I haven't had much luck with memory and I'd hate to put a temporary module in there and have constant crashes and more risk of data corruption until I get my replacements. But, I'll do whatever is necessary! :):
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OK. I'll be starting a series of night shifts at work tonight so will be spending most of my free time sleeping, but I will try and get a spare module from the store asap and then file for the RMA. Do I have a time limit on that? I should be able to get it done within the week I hope.
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I've ordered some slower Corsair modules from Amazon as temporary replacements and should receive them on Friday. I just completed the RMA request so hopefully will get that soon so I can send them back tomorrow or Saturday. Thanks for your help!


And it looks like it was definitely the one module as I have been running for 3 days, 15+ hours each day, with zero problems since taking the suspect one out.

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