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My HX1000W burst !

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Fisrt, please excuse my english. My HX1000W just burst. Here is my story.

I was playing video games on my computer when i start smelling a strange smell from my computer. I appraoched my head to the computer to smell closer and then "BAAAANNN" ! I got almost deaf of one ear. Something in my HX1000W just busrt and blew the fuses. :eek:

Now when I try to start my computer, it automaticaly blow the fuses at each time. I'm sure that it's the HX1000W beacause now it smells burnt. I hope that nothing else in my computer has been damaged... :[pouts:

Anyway, i bought my HX1000W in "Royal Micro" on the "Rue Montgallet" in Paris last year and I have the receipt. Can i send it to you (Corsair) in order to fix it ?

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