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Rampage Formula -- Good News!


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I was having a bunch of error problems with my new Asus board and a new set of TWIN2x4096-8500C5D (both were bought at the same time). After several weeks of tweaking, I bought a set of TWIN2x2048-8500C5D to test the motherboard and had no errors/problems. I convinced Corsair to replace my 4 GB set and got the replacement memory installed. It was a very quick turnaround once I got the RMA. I ran the replacement memory for almost a week with NO errors!


Today I added the 2 GB set (making a total of 6 GB) expecting problems. The tech warned me that I would probably have to reduce the memory speed to 800 MHz and maybe even 667 MHz. The system posted fine at 1066 MHz but Windows 7 choked. I went into the bios and boosted the NB voltage by .2V as the tech previously suggested but left the memory speed at 1066 MHz. Memtest showed no errors after a full pass so I booted Windows 7 and am now running 6 GB at full speed! Success!!! Hopefully, it stays this way!

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