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3 bad CMF USB 2.0 8GB


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Hello i am computer store and i sell alot of these units..

i have had two customers that have had problems with this product..

i am very concerned about this product..


the customer never takes these items anywhere..they stay hooked up to the pc all the time..

also this customer is very upset that they cant get there data off of them..


here is a break down of what is wrong with them.

1st one will show up when you connect it ..but you cant access it on any system.

2nd one it very strange..it reads once and you can copy files off of it for only a few mins then poof it is off..then you have to do a de-insert and re-insert to get it back up..then it fails again ..and when i have been trying to get the files off for the customer it only pulls one file down then fails..like it is a read problem..

but i have to continue to de-insert and re-insert to get it to work..


i want a call back on this issue. ..i need to get this customers data off this drive..


also i need an rma setup on these 2 units..


Thank you

Bill Schmidt

Bill's Computing

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Talk about a bad run, and what really concerns me is that these are no longer Made in USA and are Assembled in China. Personally, Corsair should have never gone down this road to shift manufacturer overseas. I think this may be leading to these issues of Quality.
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well they take it out when then leave there office or shutdown..


they dont trust there hard drives with there data..


it is one of those companies that dont want to spend money on a real backup system..they have had hard drive failures in the past..

so they were looking for a solid state method..


but i guess you cant trust these units..


i dont want to go back to tape..hahaha

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