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GTX 285 and 750W


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I have the 750W power supply which should be plenty of power for my new GTX 285 (evga)

But here is the problem:

Games crash randomly with a sound loop. The monitor loses the video signal. The case fans and lights are on. The computer needs to be rebooted but although windows loads normally (i can hear it) I still get no signal and the monitor is black.

Could this be a faulty power supply?


Things i've tried:

rma'd the gtx 285 (the new one does the same thing)

new vc drivers

old vc drivers

uninstalled sound blaster audigy and used mb onboard sound

switched gtx 285 to another pcie slot


My old GTX+ 9800 works flawlessly.


Any ideas?


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It sounds more like a driver/software issue to me. If you have an unused hard drive around, then please try loading a fresh copy of OS and drivers to see if you can replicate this issue. Do you have this problem in Windows Safemode?
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