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More Buzzing Noises


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Hi. I'll try to provide as much detail as I can.

I'm haven trouble with the 750TX. It makes a buzzing noise when doing several things. Playing Games, watching videos, using Touch screen monitor/ Tablet input device or plugging in more then 4 system fans. If I add more it makes a spark sound kind of like plasma lamp.

I've tried adding rubber pads to my fans since it was mentioned in other post and turned off C1E in the BIOS. While in the BIOS I checked the voltages and seen they run above what the board recommends by a small amount across the board everything is slightly over volted. Should I be worried?


I just upgraded to this 750w from an old 550w. My old 550 didn't make any noises so I'm kind of baffled. I'm willing to try about anything to avoid having to RMA this.


Also I would like to know if its safe to run this on a UPS?

I read that this PSU has problems with some UPS types on the market.

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Depending on the UPS it may fuzz up the line a bit thereby making the noise come out of the PSU, but that can easily be tested by bypassing the UPS.


As long as the voltages are within 5%, you're good to go. Don't forget to get the settings from a multimeter or from within the BIOS.

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Wired is right, as long as the voltages are within 5%, the PSU is good.


The buzzing noise is not normal on our PSUs. Here are the possible causes: connected to an emulated sine wave UPS, bad power feedback from the video card, and of course a faulty PSU. If the system is current hooked up to a UPS, then please try connecting directly to the wall outlet. Is it possible to test the system with a different video card?

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