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Defective Flash Voyager


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The metal USB connector has today fallen off my Flash Voyager.

It appears to have become detached from the circuit board inside the rubber housing. The Voyager is about 2 years old. Unfortunately I no longer have my receipt but wondered if there is any way I can get it replaced under warranty?

Hope you can help and thanks.


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HI all,


First let me say that i have the same issue.

Second, i'm very pleased of my Corsair Flash when is working.


I own a Corsair Flash Voyager 2GB (Red one). The voyager is the same about 2-3 years. I had it once replaced because from a similar problem i couldn't read from it anymore, but in that time the metal USB connector didn't move so easy.


Now the problem is very similar with yours ddww i think.

The metal USB connector is moving inside so bad that i'm afraid not to fallen off my Flash Voyager in of these days. And i want to prevent this from happen.


I bought it from my country, where there is the distribuitor for Corsair. I think i still have the warranty.


Do you think i could have it replaced?


Many thanks,



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