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Asus P5E64 WS Evolution and TW3X4G1800C8DF


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Hi Guys


i have bought the ASUS board stated above and i have

2 Sticks of the Corsair Dominator 1800 Mhz (maybe TW3X4G1800C8DF).

I have do detaild information about the ram cause corsair

only have datasheets for new products.


I need 2 things:


1. A datasheet for the DDR3 1800Mhz Dominator Kit?

2. Would that ram be compatible with this board?


Thanks for your help!

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I have swaped from a ASUS Strike 2 Extreme to the

ASUS P5E64 WS Evolution and therefore i will use my old components:


Intel QX9650

2x Corsair 2 GB (DDR3-1800Mhz)

Adaptec 5405 SAS with 2x 1TB WD RE3 (raid 1)

Geforce GTX285

Juli@ (Soundcard)

Antec 650 Watt PSU

19" Rackmount case


I have had very bad experience with the Striker 2 Extreme,

(i think i was a defective soldering) i have RMA´ed the board

after RMA the board was completly dead ... nice ASUS nice !!!


Therfore i will now give the "Workstation" Series a chance.

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  • Corsair Employees
Just leave the timings at Auto it should run them a bit more aggressive since they are not running at DDR1800 but I would suspect they can run at Cas 7-7-7-20 at about 1.6-1.7 Volts with out too much trouble.
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The Board has just arrived.....


I stick in the ram and ->

The board is a bit crazy.....

My memory is running at 1801 Mhz.... okay i think just fire up windows

after a few secounds bluescreen okay i have to take a look into the bios

everything was on AUTO than i have had a closer look to the fsb

it was 450 mhz fsb-clock i was wondering how the cpu could even performe a boot.


Now i have setted the fsb to 333 mhz and i will report if the board runs good or not with that ram (DDR3-1333Mhz is my actual memory clock)

i will now try to lower the voltages as they run at 1.80 Volt and 8-8-8-24


And of course thank you for your help ramguy i will try this later... first i will install a os on my new 2nd pc....


b.t.w. My Asus P6T6WS Revolution runs great with the 1600 Mhz Dominator tri kit.... i have suggested this ram to 3 of my friend till now and they are also very happy with this ram !!!! *thumps up*

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  • Corsair Employees
Great news and thanks for letting us know, and you should go right to BIOS setup and load setup defaults and then set the settings for the modules IE DDR1333 or no faster than the CPU FSB.
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  • 2 weeks later...

After a few days of testing.....


My QX9650 runs at a FSB of 1600Mhz and 3,2 Ghz core clock.

I have tested prime95 and folding(at)home at the same time and it was stable...

but i have only tested it for about 2 hours.

I am very happy with this ram in this board.


i will post the exact timings later this day....

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