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Corsair Flash Voyager - Lanyard


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Hi there


I've just received a new Corsair Flash Voyager 8gb drive but there wasn't a lanyard, extender USB cable and software CD with it.

I'm not so fussed about the extender USB cable or software CD but I was wanting the lanyard so I can have the flash drive on it around my neck.


Here's a picture of what I'm on about...



I just presumed mine would come with these too like the above picture did :(

Is there any way I can get a Corsair lanyard?


Thanks - Steve

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Could someone just give my pictures a quick check too, just to make sure my drive is a real one.

I bought it from eBuyer.com who are a reputable company so I'm 99% sure it's a real Corsair product, but I just want to make sure (It's how I am!)







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Cheers Ram Guy :)


Yep Wired, there's a little blue LED on the unit.

Could you tell me how you can tell from the USB connector if it is real or not.


I've also sent an E-Mail about a lanyard, hopefully I'll get lucky.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Just an update.


A couple of weeks ago I received an E-Mail from Corsair saying they would be sorting me out a lanyard :D

Today I received it...but not only did I get a lanyard, they gave me a USB extender cable which I didn't even ask for which was cool.




So thanks Corsair and the chap that dealt with my E-Mail (I can't remember his name and I've deleted the E-Mail)

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