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Help Configure my MSI X58 SLI & TR3X6G1600C9


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New here - so please be patient. Please see my profile for specs. This is a recent build, and I am running 100% stock on default settings, after flashing the latest BIOS v3.4.


Enabling XMP in the BIOS causes instability, resulting in random crashes, reboots and lockups. With XMP disabled I am 100% stable, but CPU-Z says memory is running at only 535 MHz 8-8-8-19 1T.


Can someone assist me with a rundown of what other values I need to set, either from the MSI O.C. utility in windows, or manually in the BIOS?


Thanks in advance for all replies.

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Please make sure that you have the latest BIOS and then load setup defaults and enable XMP and then set the QPI Voltage to >1-.2 Volts more then what it gets set to normally it will set the QPI Vtt Voltage at 1.33 Volts and some CPU's may need as much as 1.6 Volts to over clock to DDR1600.
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