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TWIN2X4096-6400C4DHX on Asus M3N78-EM


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Hi!, please help me...

I'm having some problems with this combination. When I turn on my pc after some hours of no use, it doesn't POST, but, if I turn on it with only one memory module it POST and run normally until it goes unstable and finally dies (after about 5 hours of use). After this, i can't turn on my pc, it doesn't POST, but if a change the same module from the first slot to the second it boots normally again (it happens with the two modules in the same way).

I can boot with the two modules but after a long memory change of slot game, and my pc dies after about 3 hours only...

I tested the two modules with memtest and nothing...., so..., i want to know if i have motherboard failures or memory ones...


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That would be great..., because all the parts of my Pc were buyed in Chile (I live in Chile), except the memories, buyed in EEUU, so..., if the memories are the bad part of my PC, changing them would be impossible to me because the sending charges.

I'll test the memories on another system and i'll comment you the results because my case is very strange and it would help other persons.

Thanks a lot!

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