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Q2X8G6400C4DHX G Rev. 2.2 Kit Overclocking

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Hi everyone,


I bought myself a Corsair Q2X8G6400C4DHX G Rev 2.2 kit, because it's a matched kit with low latency and acceptable voltage.


Now I started overclocking, and it seems like these memory modules can do alot!


At the standard 2,1V I'm able to get a overclock of 1200MHz CL 6-6-6-21, without even using a higher voltage on the Northbridge. Unfortunatly this overclock isn't 100% stable. It gives me 18 errors after a loop in Memtest. Which isn't too bad, but not still not perfectly stable.


So my question is, can these modules have higher voltages or is this not recommended?


I don't know what kind of chips they use in these modules so I'm not sure what voltage is safe enough.

I think it probably are PCS or ProMos chips, cause the most 2GB modules have these.

And can these chips have high voltages or not?





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