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TWIN2X4096-8500C5D - one stick fails memtest 2.11

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Dear Corsair/Ram Guy,


I am having some issues with one stick of this memory after some months of usage. I don't know why (the reason I mean) since I didn't change anything on the system. But for some reason, I started having random BSODs on Windows 7 RC. At first I thought it was because I just installed this RC version of Windows 7, and some drivers can be the real cause of the issue.


However after some research on your forum, I've understood that the first thing to do in order to understand whether or not the problem is on the RAM is to run MEMTEST 2.11 separately on each stick and see the results. If all is fine then un the test with the 2 sticks in place for Dual Channel, swapping slots and so on...


During these tests I found that one stick is perfect while the other is giving random errors. I tried more than once, changing BIOS settings (DRAM voltage, NB voltage, increasing the timings and reducing frequency to 800 Mhz, but errors still remain).


I never had any issue to make the memory work correctly at 1066 Mhz on dual channel in the previous months... however in the latest days I am experincing the BSODs.


I guess that there are no other tests to do other than asking you if I can send the 2 sticks to you for a replacement.


However if you think that I can make other tests, tell me.


What do you think?


Thank you in advance!

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