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M64 SSD Raid0 meh...

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Well Just installed Vista 64bit on two Corsair M64's and im not even getting the advertised performance of 1.




Help? did some stuff such as disabling superfetch and it didnt seem to do much if anything. this is the second board i have used these drives on both in raid0 last board actually got up to 170mb/s max transfer rate though.

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m64 speeds are 80MB/s read and 70MB/s write (or around that)


what cluster size did you pick


also on Benchmarks it can report up to 160MB/s on read tests when its reading empty space (1 SSD) better doing an file benchmark test in HD tune


like crystaldiskmark press the all button and let it see what it gets back should be around 150-160MB/s on constant reads


personally i not concern your self with the read and Write speeds of SSDs so much as the Access times of SSDs are so fast HDDs cant get close to an SSD speeds (SSDs read speeds under random access is far better then an HDD)

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