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HX620 & Supermicro C7X58 4 pin ATX problem


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I have a HX620W power supple wants to use with my Supermicro C7X58 MB



But it require a 8pin 12V ATX AND 4pin ATX 12V

This power supply come with one ATX 12V 8pin modular cable.


Can I request for a ATX 12V 4pin modular cable? Any charge?

Or if I use a 4 Pin to 12 Volt ATX Motherboard Power Adapter, is it safe/stable?


Thanks very much for your help.

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As per the motherboard manual:


24-pin ATX main power connector

+12V 8-pin CPU power connector

+12V 4-pin Secondary power connector (this is recommended, but not required for normal operation)


It is strongly recommended that you use a high quality power supply that meets ATX12V standard power supply Specification 1.1 or above. It is also required that the 12V 8-pin power connection (JPW2) be used for adequate power supply. However, the 12V 4-pin power connection (JPW3) is optional, but may be necessary when increased power to the installed peripheral cards is needed.


In otherwords, unless you have a power hungry peripheral card that's sucking power, and for some reason doesn't have its own power cable connections (like most gamer video cards do), you won't need the +12V 4-pin secondary power connector.

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