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HD 4890 Crossfire on HX620

Lord Crc

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Hi, I just got a HD 4890, and I'm considering getting another for Crossfire. However I'm not sure if my HX620 will handle it? The psu finder recommends it if I select 2 HD's, but with 3 it changes to the 750's and above. This suggests I'm on the edge, however this review suggest it would be fine. They measured a "wall load" of 420W peak. Not to mention that the product page states a 600W PSU is required when in crossfire.


Just want to make sure I don't hurt my lovely HX620 :D


edit: I measured power reading @ full load (wall), it's 365W peak, 345W avg. That's stressing CPU to max, GPU to max (ATItool) and HD's.

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