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Asus P6T6 WS Revolution and 2 packs of TR3X6G1600C7


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I just purchased a Asus P6T6 WS Rev and 12GB of TR3X6G1600C7 (2GBx6).

Although TR3X6G1600C7 is not listed on Asus QTL, Corsair does list the RAM as compatabile with the Motherboard.


If i try to use more then 1 stick of ram in this board it will not boot. The post error is D4, and after spending an hour on the phone with Asus, they state that the problem is with the memory manufacturer. I can't get it to work in 2,3 or 6 stick configurations.


I have tried setting it to 7-7-7-20 @ 1.66v, but this doesn't work either.


Could someone provide details on how this ram was tested against the P6T6 board? Asus claims it's likely a problem with the RAM, but I can run any of the sticks one at a time . I'm pretty much lost.


Any help would be appreciated.


I forgot to mention I am running an i7 920. The motherboard is in it's default config (except for one I try to tweak RAM settings).



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I think we just spoke on the phone a while back and I suggested testing one module in every slots to be sure its not a slot problem and also remove the MB from the case to be sure there is not some type of grounding issue.
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Well it appears you were totally on to something, after some more testing, it was my entire B channel that was not working. So I first removed the CPU fan, thermal paste looked to be equally distributed, then I removed the cpu. Well.. looking at the pins on the board there was one that appeared to be slightly out of place and touching one of the other pins.


I had to get a really tiny screwdriver to nudge it back into place, those things are tiny!


I powered it back on and the B channel miraculously works now! Anyhow, I set the board to 1333 for Ram, and the voltage for DDR to 1.64, all timings are on auto. I've got all 12gb loaded into the box and windows 7 re-installed. I'll be running memtest tonight. I will post my results.


Thanks! :biggrin:

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