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My Corsair Benchtop Power Supplies


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So here's my Corsair benchtop power supplies. I am using them to drive Hyperion Duo II chargers. I originally did the 400w PSU, but 30A wasn't enough to charge 4 batteries up to 10A each. The 850w is quite capable, but right now I'll just drive each charger off of its own PSU.



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Wow, haven't seen a mod quite like this before, but it looks pretty clean, good job! What are the batteries used for?


I run Hyperion Duo II R/C car chargers off of them. I'm running 18.5V Lithium Polymer batteries that are charged ~5A each. I can charge 4 batteries at the same time with a max capability of 40A charging capacity.


The Corsair's have a 3.3V, 5V, and 12V output which is nice since there are many benchtop uses for the lower voltage. The build of these is quite simple, you just a 10w 10 Ohm resistor to the 5V rail and put a switch on the green wire to simulate the motherboard signaling "power on". I like having both switches because my manual switch will also discharge the capacitors. Due be careful if attempting, these 70A+ PSU's are no joke and can deliver a nasty shock.


Another comment on the resistor on the 5W rail, for some reason this will boost the 12V voltage a bit which is good. I wish these were 13.8V PSU, but 12V will do.

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