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Problem / Question for setting the TR3X6G2000C7GTF


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I received my TR3X6G2000C7GTF few days ago. First, I checked it with Memtest86+ v2.11 at default values and got zero errors.


Then from Ai Tweaker I choose X.M.P. (Profile Info: 2000MHz-7-7-8-20*-2N-1.65V-1.60V) *This is not my typo error but COSSAIR error. Perhaps they should fix it for future because it can create confusion.


My computer booted-up without any issue. However, it failed all the tests (IntelBurnTest v2.1, Prime95 and Everest Ultimate Edition v5.02) with that profile.


I increased the QPI Voltage to 1.7v This is more time efficient than increasing the QPI Voltage from 1.6v by .01 till you reach 1.7v because if 1.7v doesn’t work you know you have a problem and I had a problem because it didn't work.


After, trying many different settings the best overall values I got is as follow:


Ai Tweaker:

1- Ai Overclook Tuner [X.M.P.]

2- CPU Ratio Setting [27]

CPU 3.7GHz (overclock 16%)

3- Intel ® SpeedStep Tech [Enabled]

4- BCLK Frequency [137]

DRAM Frequency of 1922 MHz

5- DRAM Frequency [Auto]

6- DRAM Timing Control [Auto]

7- CAS Latency [7]

RAS to CAS delay [7]

RAS PRE Time [7]

RAS ACT Time [18]

8- CPU Voltage [1.28125] (I put it manually because at [Auto] ASUS puts it at [1.31]

9- CPU PLL [Auto]

10- QPI/DRAM Core Voltage at [1.67500]

11- DRAM Bus Voltage [1.64]

12- Load-Line Calibration [Enabled]

13- CPU Spread Spectrum [Disabled]

14- PCIE Spread Spectrum [Disabled]

15- C1E Support [Enabled]

16- Intel Virtualization Tech [Disabled]

17- Intel ® C-STATE Tech [Disabled]

All the other values are on [Auto]

Vcore 1.28v

+3.3V 3.18

+5V 5.17

+12V 12.19v

Motherboard Temp 42c ~ 43c

CPU Temp 32c ~ 50c


As you can see I had to bring down the DRAM Frequency to 1922 MHz but I also managed to tighten the CAS Latency from 7-8-7-20 to 7-7-7-18


Yesterday, I tried IntelBurnTest v2.1 at ‘Standard’ ‘Threads 16’ and ‘Times to run 30’ (since I have XP Pro 32 ‘Standard’ is the only option that I can use) it passed without any problem. I also, ran the Memtest86+ v2.11 8 pass with zero error (interestingly, for testing I brought my QPI/DRAM Core Voltage down from [1.67500] to [1.66250] but I got error on test 7 [Random number sequence]).


Today, to make sure that everything is stable with my pc again I ran the IntelBurnTest v2.1 at ‘Standard’ ‘Threads 16’ and ‘Times to run 20’ it passed without any error. The Memtest86+ v2.11 passed as well (8 pass with 0 error).


I used TurboV to check the voltages.


QPI/DRAM Core Volt [1.65625] Don’t know why because in BIOS I have it at [1.67500]

CPU Pull [1.80] In BIOS is [Auto]

ICH PCIE [1.5] In BIOS is [Auto]

IOH PCIE [1.5] In BIOS is [Auto]

ICH [1.1] In BIOS is [Auto]

IOH [1.36] In BIOS is [Auto]


I have two questions.

1- Is my present setting safe?

2- I’m happy with my setting but is there any way to improve it without destroying my pc?





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