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Dead HX620W


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Hi, my Corsair HX620W died yesterday. I sent an RMA using the other method but haven't had a response yet. So I thought i'd post here as I need to get the power supply replaced a.s.a.p as I need my computer for college work.


I've been reading through the Power Supply forum and found out that other people have had the same issue (When turning on the computer by the mains theirs a pop sound not always but most of the time) ever since I bought the PSU(Which was about a year ago) this noise has been happening I just ignored it as it still powered up and worked fine.


Yesterday I went to turn my computer on. First I turned the main switch on(Like I do everyday) everything was fine I had power to my motherboard (LED Screen was alight) I then proceeded to press the power button and boom nothing..it didn't even pop no sound what so ever. I turned the main switch off then on again and the motherboard light wasn't lit.


I then tryed a different plug socket and then a different power lead...nada..


So I came to a conclusion that it was my PSU at fault I pulled the power supply out of my sisters computer to test if the motherboard lit up and it did.


So unfortunatly the power supply looks to be dead.


Hopefully you can respond Speedily.


Edit- Just noticed Corsair's technical support department is based in America. I suppose Corsair has a building based some where in England? Hopefully I won't have to send my PSU to America as the postage cost would be mega expensive.


Cheers Adam.

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as far as the RMA....

If you have submitted the RMA on line and have not got a reply!

If you have tried Tech Support Express or On Line RMA Request Form and you did not get a reply with in 24-48 Hours excluding weekends and holidays, then please send us a email with your name address and phone number and the part# and copy the link to your post if you have one and email it to Warranty@corsairmemory.com. Or please call our customer service at 888-222-4346 or 510-657-8747 Ext "0" and they will take care of you.

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could you test it by itself? also check that the 110/220 switch is set correctly.

test method---> http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=63991


Cheers for the reply.


Well I first put the Corsair PSU in my sisters computer and nada no power. I then put her PSU in my computer and the motherboard light lit up (It doesn't when I plug the Corsair PSU in).


To be honest I would rather have it replaced as I've noticed other people on this forum have had the same pop noise comming from their PSU's when turning the power on from the mains.


Cheers Adam.

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Little update


I've received an email with all the postage information.


Seems I have to post the power supply to Netherlands. What would be the best postage service to send it there? I was thinking off using Royal Mail which would cost around £20-£30?.


Would Corsair refund me the postage cost?


Cheers Adam.

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Got an email back from RMA they stated


"Per our warranty policy, the end user has to ship it to us one-way.


We will cover for the replacement part and its shipping costs."


Email seems abit unclear to me, the way I read it is


The end user(me)will have to pay to ship it to them, then they'll replace the part and cover THERE shipping costs.


Am I reading this correct?


If so seems abit ridiculous as it's going to cost me £40-£50 to send it to them when it's there own product which has failed by no fault of my own.


Can anyone shed any light on this?

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