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Voyager Port One Button Backup


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I have a Voyager Port, along with a 32 GB Flash Voyager.


I'm trying to set up the supplied NovaBackUp software, so when I press the port's button, it backs up pre-determined files/folders.


That's no problem, but it backs them up in a proprietary format (.nbk), when i want their native (original) format.


I've gone through the software's settings, and changed it so it doesn't compress, but the issue remains.


I can use the "Copy Wizard" to copy files in original format, but I would prefer to be able to use the ports one button feature.


PS I've emailed the software company, but they never responded.


Thanks for your time and support.

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FYI I just played with that and it looks like there is no way to specify a file type it will always create the restore file in its own format.


However under the main page in settings there is setting for the Copy tab called Enable open file copy is that enabled?

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Hello again,


Yes it's enabled.


I can't remember if I played around with that setting or not before?


And all my flash drives are full, so I'll have to wait till next backup to check.


Thank you for replying, I appreciate your time.

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