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CMX512-3200PRO Only Reading as 256MB; RMA??

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Hi guys, I'm new here but I've been using Corsair for a while and you're right up there with the other guys (named after the capitol of Jamaica) ;): )


So I recently built up my old system into a new AMD Phenom system, and my even older system got the 2 CMX512-3200PRO sticks that were in it, as an upgrade from SDRAM (the mobo has both sets of slots). However, one of the sticks, which was working fine in the other system, now only reads 256mb instead of a full 512mb as it should.


This happens at the BIOS level and not just the operating system. No errors came up in Memtest, but it was only checking 768mb total. I tried moving both sticks around to either memory slot, using contact cleaner and tried running them with different timing settings and voltages, but nothing worked. One stick consistently reads a full 512mb and the other consistently reads 256mb, in either slot, with or without the other stick in place.


I have an AMD Athlon 2000+ running at 1.67Ghz and it's not overclocked and has never been. The motherboard is a pretty old Biostar M7VIG, and it only supports PC2100 266Mhz, but I thought that all ram was backward compatible, and it says that the motherboard should support up to 2GB of RAM, and I know that I was running 1GB in the SDRAM slots. Plus, I just updated the BIOS in case that was an issue.


It runs the ram really fast and stable at 2.5CL 2-3-3-6 T1 or T2, and I can even lower a couple settings to have the benchmark read that my RAM is too fast for my processor. However, it only reads 768MB total.


I didn't notice the problem until after I took apart and rebuilt the new computer, and already sold off the other motherboard, or else I'd try to rebuild this system around that motherboard and test the ram back in there.


I can see the both sets of LED indicators on the sticks both light up in sequence all the way from green to red, right at the moment the system powers on, but once the BIOS loads only 1 of the 2 banks on the bad 256mb-reading stick light up past the green into the orange and red to show activity.


I already put in a Tech Support Express Request to hopefully get an RMA. I guess the only other things I could try would be to get a hold of another 512mb stick and try it on the mobo, and also try the bad stick on another mobo.


Finally, while using the contact cleaner and moving it around from slot to slot, the lettering that shows the part number kinda wore off, but the serial number, bar code and sticker itself are still intact. Will this be a problem if I get an RMA??

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Let's get them replaced, please use the On Line RMA Request Form and we will be happy to replace them. However, if the part number is wore off they may refuse the RMA, and I am sorry I would not be able to say for sure until we inspect the module. They may ask for a copy of the purchase invoice so I would just make cope and include it in your package.
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Thanks, I submit the request shortly.


The writing on the labels was fine until I got a little over-spray from Deoxit contact cleaner on them. Interestingly it only affected the Part # and not the serial number and bar code. Has Corsair tested the writing on their stickers against Deoxit? Maybe they should print the part number with the same type of ink as on the logo, serial number and bar code.


I haven't got the invoice as these sticks are at least a couple years old. They want me to send back both, since they are a matched set. If I can't get the bad one exchanged because of something like the worn off part number on the label, then do I at least get the good one back??


Also, I tried another (different brand) 512MB stick and it works fine in the motherboard, in either slot. Now, after putting the different stick in there with the the good CMX512 stick, together they read correctly as 1GB of ram in BIOS and WinXP. However, I have to run the CMX much slower to compensate for the other stick not having the same capability as the CMX sticks.

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Hey Ram Guy,

How long should an RMA usually take??


You guys received my parts well over a week ago, on 6/16, and I know that it said that you were experiencing delays, but what kind of time frame should I expect to hear back form you?




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