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Asus Rampage II Extreme and 2 packs of TR3X6G1866C9DF

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Dear Corsair products and overclocking specialist,


Withing a couple of days, I will receive my new motherboard, the well known Asus Rampage II extreme which seems to be one the best motherboard made for extreme gaming PC which I would like to equip with 12Gb memory.


Taking Alienware ALX-X58 as a reference for building my extreme gaming PC, the goal to achieve is to have 12Gb running at least at 1600 100% stable or more, please also note that CPU will be also overclocked like the ALX-X58 & watercooled.


System configuration would be :

- 12Gb Corsair Dominator TR3X6G1866C9DF

- Asus Rampage II Extreme motherboard

- Intel i7 975 Extreme edition


I chose this DDR3 model because it's the top extreme spec recommanded by the Corsair memory selection tools which are available from my supplier, the other alternative is the Dominator GT model TR3X6G1866C7GTF but the price was quite more expensive (180% of the standard GT).


The price is not so a problem if justified but I would not like to spend so big amount of money for the DDR3 if I cannot get something valuable ragarding the specs and stability, so this is why I go with the Standard Dominator but what do you think about that choice ?


Should I go on with or should I change my ming and go on with the new GT model ?


Depending on the choice, Which OC settings shoud I use on the RIIE in order to support these memory in a 12Gb configuration running at 1600 24/7 stable or even more if stable and possible, I read so many complains about hi speed DDR3 compatibility issue with almost every hi-end X58 motherboards.


Thank you for your help.


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Hi Wired,


So, thanks for the recommandations but just one question, does these DDR3 modules will be fast enough to support the new Intel i7 975 Extreme, running at 4 Ghz or more ?


May I have some (over)heating problem with them because these DDR3 heat dissipator seems very light comparing to the Dominator one even with sames specs ...


Also, what would be the right parameters to make them all working @1600 on the Rampage II extreme ? any idea ?


Thanks for the infos.


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My $.02 for the heck-of-it........I have the same mobo and it's one of those rare

:(: (too bad there aren't more) buys where I actually got more than I expected.




You're gonna love that mobo!


I bought my 1st Corsair memory on this gut and rebuild.


I really liked the looks of the Dominator GT and bought the 3 X 2GB, newegg's description....CORSAIR DOMINATOR-GT 6GB (3 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1866 Desktop Memory with Airflow Fan Model TR3X6G1866C7GTF G.


Now I'm finding out I made an expensive mistake.


If I upgrade to 12GB (and I most likely will, as soon as I can come up with the $$)

....granted I'll be loaded full tilt, but the dern fan cover is flat Plain.

I don't know how to describe this any better.


Maybe.....um, sorry Corsair......Buhland.


You'd think as NICE as that memory stick looks, they'd do something to "bling" the thing up.


Here you've got Max Kick ***** memory.....beautiful sticks, covered to smithereens with this plain jane Gray cover?


Come on Corsair!




Stick with the le$$ expen$ive memory if you plan on buying the factory cooler.


So far after 6 weeks, I am pleased to say I thimk I finally bought all the right components this time.......except:


I may oBey

:ummmm: the Dominator GT to pick up the $$ and move up to 12GB as well.


Bling up your fan covers, puhlease Corsair?


Reverend Dash Underscore

Church of the Brunch

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May I have some (over)heating problem with them because these DDR3 heat dissipator seems very light comparing to the Dominator one even with sames specs ...
Nope, you'll be fine. You could get the fan add on if you wanted.



Also, what would be the right parameters to make them all working @1600 on the Rampage II extreme ? any idea ?
The settings on the label should be enough. Maybe a bump on the memory controller voltage as well.



but the dern fan cover is bland
Here's a pic of the TR3X6G1866C7GTF fan:



What were you expecting, sparkles and fireworks? :)

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I agree 100%.....don't take my comment as anything but that, an opinion.


Yep, they look Max Kick ***** from the side view.


Once you get em in that Rampage Mobo though, all you can see is the top view.



And it is..... a flat Gray Bland.


Since I can't mention competitor's products, I won't.


These are Great memory sticks.

I don't know what I expected......all I ever saw was the side view.


The Asus is all beautifully lit up and so is my Xion PS.


It would just be nice if one could see some....um......bling.

For example: if the fans had red leds!!




Not bashing Corsair in any way, shape or form.



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Thanks for your reply but one question still remain ...


Going on 12Gb with the memory recommanded by Wired seems to be the best compatible solution and average performances if I understood well ...


But, what about the most fastest and powerfull DDR3 modules available from Corsair ? specialy the Dominator and Dominator GT models which seems made for the extreme, rising 12GB using these DDR3 modules @1800/1866 or more is total utopy and waste of money or it's possible ?


The problem with the model recommanded by Wired is the high latency (CL9), for me this value seems very high comparing to whan we can found today on the market, DDR3 with CL8 and CL7 latencies and/or higher speed are legions so the recommanded modules seems by far "behind" specialy if overclocking is on mind, true ?


So by the way, I will probably follow Wired recommandation, hoping that the module will be fast enough to handle my 975 Extreme edition overclocked up to 4Ghz, maybe more depending on the stability and the cooling capacity of my machine ... But ... some doubt remain ...


Someone realy know what's performances loss/gain between CL9, 8 & 7 DDR3 running at same speed (1600 for example), Same related to the DDR3 speeds, @1600,1800,1833,2000 ? loss & gain are realy there or it's just peanuts made for brain mastubation ...


Actually the balance is :

- 60% for the HX3X12G1600C9 (12Gb Kit 6x2Gb 1600 CL9) running @1600 as recommanded by Wired in these topic and the fact that this is a 12Gb native kit made to works together.

- 30% for the TR3X6G1866C9DF (12Gb 2x Kit 3x2Gb 1866 CL9) running @1600 or more if supported because of the balanced ration between performances & prices.

- 10% for the TR3X6G1866C7GTF (12Gb 2x Kit 3x2Gb 1866 CL7) running also @1600 or more if supported of course, simply because these are the ultimate DDR3 I can actually bought from my supplier.


So ... any other ideas or recommandation from other peoples ?


Great things will be to know which DDR model peoples running with 12Gb and Intel i7 processor have in their system and the speed they manage to reach, specialy with the ASUS Rampage II extreme Motherboard.


Thanks for any idea, until I made my final decision.


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Since you want the best of the best there is some advice I would Like to submit:


You really want 12gb?

Because It will populate all the slot, meaning that you won't be able to achieve the better overclocking.

Yes, 12 GB sound good, but do you really prefer high memory or tight timing and better overclocking headroom?

If you got 6 gig of dominator GT, you will be able to (maybe, you know...) lower the timing on your model and you will really increase the speed of it.


You need to think about that.

There is a link for your education:



By the way...

I got ddr3-1333 DHX corsair memory that was 9-9-9-24...

I lowered the timing to 6-6-6-18.

Not bad isn't?

I need to test it more, but I got It for a week and still no problem for the moment. (Everest prime, etc...)

Screen shot coming soon ^^

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Why I'm looking for 12Gb of memory and high specs DDR3 perfsormances at the same time, so good question...


To be simple, this machine will be made for two main purposes, to be a very powerfull workstation at a side and somekind of an extreme gaming platform on the other hand, so by the way, and as you can imagine, it must performs well on each side, specially for a very high end and expensive system which the cost is actually exceeding 7000 €.


Ok for that price, I could invest on two specific machines but this is not an affordable solution because I've no room for two computer at home, so one beast must do all the things even at the same time.


Graphics and video applications are very memory consuming specially when working with huges high res pictures or movies, speed and efficiency is also the key like it's also for gaming.



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Thank for the article references Mavhenz !


I find it very interesting even if the test results appear very stranges to me, specially because DDR3 @1066 up to @1600 has almost the same results !!!


This sounds very strange, look like the maximum bandwidth which these high specs DDR3 are capable overcome by far what the CPU is able to handle ...



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