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Which 12GB Memory for Intel Core i7 920 (D0 stepping) at 4 GHz


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Hey gang,


I am building a hybrid rig that works by day (animation, rendering and CAD) and plays by night (left4Dead). Hopefully by now the systems are listed in the stats below.


I am interested in a higher corei7 overclock (using the new D0 stepping) of somewhere between 3.8-4.0 gHz). I am also hoping to make use of 12GB of memory as this will allow me to run several instances of my renderer for those occasional late night rendering jobs.


Which memory should I be buying that will give me the best odds for stability-Success? [ I dont mind slowing the memory down a bit in order to maintain the overclock, if this is indeed the sacrifice I need to make.]


Am i Better off buying a pre-matched set of 12gb or 2 sets of higher-end 6gb?


Your experience and thoughts are appreciated...thanks in advance

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I wish there was a dominator 12gb kit I feel like my chances would be better hitting stable overclocks under 12gb with the higher end ram than with the XMS series. Has anyone here managed to hit 1600 AND an overclock under a loaded 12gb ram stack? if so; can you show your settings and point me to the stick you are using?
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