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A pin is loose/detached from the ATX connector...


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I seem to have the same problem as this guy.




While newly assembling my new build with all brand new parts, i noticed that my atx connect with the orange wire which was detached from the black main housing compartment containing all of the wires to the 24 pin connector. It is basically the same thing that happen to the person in the link provided, It was also the orange wires on the corner of the 24 pin connector. The metal pin is still lodged inside the connector, which the wire hangs around and is too loose to connect back into metal pins.


Though after testing the power supply it still works, i am afraid that in the long run this may cause problems for my new build. One more thing i forgot, the power supply is the hx1000w


What should i do? Thank You


The case number is 997837.

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Ramguy, I was wondering what option would be best for my situation. I am located in Oakland, Ca, but I am leaving out of state for a wedding on the 14th of this month, and will be back on the 22nd. Because I don't know the time span of the rma, do you advise me to request an advance rma or should I just ship the psu first and hope that the new psu will be shipped back to me before the 14th or after the 22nd.

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