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TX650: Undervolting when resume from sleep


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I have a new TX650 and when I resume from sleep in Vista my voltages that were once stable at ~11.96-12.02 drop to 11.56. The same thing happens to the +3 and +5 rails. If I reboot and check in the bios or once vista has reloaded everything if fine until I resume from sleep again. This does not happen in my XP partition however.


I am monitoring volts with Asus Probe II, or in the system bios. When XP goes to sleep everthing goes into a low power mode, but the fans keep spinning at their normal rates. When I put Vista to sleep everything shuts down including the fans.


Is this undervolting a problem?


EDIT: Never checked the voltages for my old PSU in vista so I do not know if this happened with it also or just on the new one.


EDIT#2: Actually this happens every other time I resume from Sleep. Sleep 1-low volt, sleep-2 normal, sleep-3 low volt, ect.


EDIT#3: Only happens when resuming from S3 sleep mode not S1

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It sounds like its either software or BIOS settings that are causing the issue. Keep in mind that the voltages you see in software or the BIOS are displaying what is read by the motherboard AFTER the voltage from the PSU has been regulated by the motherboard, and these are not the actual voltages coming from the PSU. Even if 11.56v were accurate, it is still within ATX spec (11.4-12.6v is where the 12v should remain), and it would not cause any issues with the functionality of the system.
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