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Corsair CMPSU-400CX Wire Question


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Can someone tell me what the purple/black twisted wire coming out of the power supply is used for? Or at least what the voltage on the purple wire is. I'm not in a position to power up the PS right now.


Also.. What does the single BLUE wire do?


Green ----- Power

Grey ------ "ON"

Blue ------- ?

Purple ----- ?

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You wouldn't get 24V, and why would you want to combine them? What's your end goal?


If I combined +12 and -12 I'd get 24v... but I am uncertain on the current I would have at 24v since the -12v is only .8A. I would like to have a 24v output, but I still need at least 30A at 24V... or the full 70A at 12V.

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