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Corsair Flash Voyager - Faulty x 2


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After using 4GB stick without any problem, recently started to use an 8GB and a 16GB GT


The 8GB (6 mnths old)

has started to behave irratic, some times works (only on xp), sometimes doesnt - also generating a read error. Cant read the device on some machines, others, giving it a wiggle seems to help !


The 16GB GT (5 weeks old)

doesnt work on any device, on vista/xp just hands when inserted, vista identifies the device, but when "explored" just gives a blank screen and nothing else.


On a Mac, it can read the directory, with access to files, but no deletes or additions can be made to the device. as if it has been set to read only. Interestingly, on the Mac, it shows:

Capacity: 15.12 Available 103MB But there is only 640MB on it


I have performed a full format of the device and it has failed.


Any suggestions?





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On a Windows system please format the drives with http://forum.corsair.com/v3/attachment.php?attachmentid=5637&stc=1&d=1244244965 for the 64 Gig Flash Drive and then use this utility from SDCard.org for the smaller drive. And see if that will bring the drives back. If you do not have a Windows system and dod not use them on a Windows system you just just use the Mac file system and format them on your Mac but you will not be able to use them on any other system if you use the Mac.


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Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.


I have tried formatting etc, and have had no such look with either of the sticks.


The 16GB stick is totally unreadable/detectable - cant be formatted


The 8GB stick is formatted but is intermittently detectable and does not seem to function correctly - very slow transfers

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