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Which DDR2 RAM still have Micron D9 chips?

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Which DDR2 RAM still have Micron D9 chips (preferably high-binned) since all the high-binned goes into DDR3 RAM nowadays.


I was going ahead with the Corsair Dominator (8500-C5D), but found more related choices. Kinston Hyper-X, Gee-Skill, ******** Platinum/Reaper & the Team Xtreme. Because with DDR2, the Curcial Ballistic used to have the Micron D9 chips, but, never know nowadays what its packed with and I can say the same about the Corsair Dominators (they were expensive at the time), right? They had the quality Micron D9's too, but sometimes they were crap and didn't OC very well compared to others.


I'm sustainably trying to achieve at least 1200MHz or 1169MHz+. Anyone have any suggestions or recommendations based on the current information stated?


Thanks. :):

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Well, it was particularly 4GB was what I intended. Is there any particular RAM out there you COULD personally suggest? I know results may vary and all, but just a few suggestions if you could? PM, if necessary.

by far the best performing 2GB modules we have right now are the PC8500C5D Dominators.




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