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TX650 Clicking noise


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I recently purchased a TX650. When it arrived I opened it up plugged everything in flipped the switch, press power... and no dice. I tryed a few times unplugging things then back in changed the power cord etc. I threw my old psu back in there and it turned right on, so I decided i'll try it again. I plugg the TX650 back and vroom it turned on with no problems, I used it for about 4 hours then turned it off. Came back later tried to turn it on and nothing, wouldn't start. i bent over next to the psu and listened very quietly and could here a really faint clicking noise but it only click when the switch is on | not O.

Whenever the clicking noise happens the system won't turn on. But if there isn't a clicking noise then it will. Is it defective? Did I do something or Did it just die.


So far i've not been able to get the clicking to go away.


Edit: I've tried the paper clip test and it works fine, I've tried it over 50 times and it never clicks either. It's only when i have it plugged into the computer that it makes the nosie and will not start. Also it only happens with my ASRock Mobo. If i plugg the psu into my HP it works fine, same if i plugg it into my dell. The Mobo isnt bad because when i plug another psu in it works. it's like the combination of The Asrock mobo and corsair then it doesn't work.

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Sounds like the AsRock board may be looking for either a PSU built to an older ATX spec, or if the board is from an OEM system it may need a proprietary PSU. Whats the model of the AsRock board, and is it from a prebuilt system or is it a retail motherboard?
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Thank you for the reply Ram Guy. I did a little bit more poking around un-plugged a few things to see if the problem was the psu or not. Turns out the Lenovo use their own type of cables/plug's for PWR/Front Panel connectors to the motherboard. Whenever i had the Front Panel USB plugged into the mobo it would make the noise, but unplugging it would stop the noise and allow the system to power on. Most Front panel connectors look this if im not mistaken:


::::. (either 5 on top and 4 on bottom or other way)


now the plug i have looks like this:


:::::. (every hole had a wire running to it so i was a littly if. But if i plugged in a portion on the connector to the board it would work, but if i did the other direction it would not)



So i'm not really sure what the cause is but it's resolved atm.



Great Power Supply btw. Very nicely built.

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