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bad fan

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Hope someone sees this, but didn't want to make a new thread...


I am one of the people who got a bad fan, as well. Just one of the fans makes this terrible grinding noise; it's been doing it since first boot with this particular set of RAM. It only stops if I lightly tap the top of the fan a few times...and get lucky. If I were to attempt to replace that one, stupid little busted fan, it would void my warranty, yes? (If not, problem solved. I mean, how would you like it if your brand-new, expensive machine was only being held back [again!] because of a RAM fan?)


I've already RMA'd my Corsair RAM once for a faulty module. This RAM works fine, but the fan is trying to commit suicide. Is there any possible way I could just send the fan unit back?


Again, if it absolutely will not void my warranty, I'll just replace it myself. Hey, if Corsair would be willing to simply sell me a new fan with that cool little sticker, they'll have a happy, loyal customer here. I really do like the way that sticker looks as it spins. :biggrin:

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