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TX750 reading sub 8 volts


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Ok, I have a couple of the TX 750 PSUs. One in my home machine:




1066 Dominators (2 x 2GB)


DVD Burner x 2

Sata HDD x 2


Vista Ultimate X64


When I run CPUz Hardware monitor the 12v shows just over 7 volts. Do you think there may be an issue with the PSU or is my motherboard not reporting correctly? Or maybe CPUz does not read the chip correctly?


I don't seem to have a lot of issues with the machine, it's pretty stable.

Maybe once in a while it has a hiccup.


I also have a TX750 running:

i7 920


GTX260 core 216

6GB of Corsair RAM (3 x 2 GB).

DVD Burner x 1

Sata HDD x 1


The voltage reports correctly on that one...

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I would suspect that the readings you are getting are not accurate. If the 12v rail was actually 7v then it would be very unlikely that the system would boot up, let alone operate without causing any major problems. BIOS and software readings can be off by quite a bit in some cases and its because they are getting the reading after the motherboard has regulated the voltage from the PSU, they are not reading the PSU voltage directly. You may try updating the BIOS and see if the readings are any different.
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