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8gb Flash Voyager- no LED?


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I bought this flash drive from a seller on Amazon. It came by itself (no lanyard, cd or cable). When I plugged it in, I thought it was DOA because the light didn't come on. I contacted the seller and they say it doesn't have a light (that area where the light is supposed to be is rubber and stamped 8GB). Is this a counterfeit? All the reviews I've read indicate that these drives have the activity lights near the layard connection.



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I contacted Corsair. Yep, it's a counterfeit. Corsair said they don't sell this product without the LED light. Anyway, there's a rubber plug where the light should be. If you pinch that area, it's completely hollow. Upon further inspection, there's a big bulge in the center of this drive which shouldn't be there.


I bought it from a "seller" on Amazon. I've contacted them and they said they would refund my money, as they were unaware of these being counterfeit, and pulled the listing from Amazon's site.


Just thought I'd give a heads up on this. Apparently they're showing up in all different sizes and places.

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