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where is product documentation for Voyager Mini 8 GB


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I just bought a Voyager Mini 8 GB USB drive.

where is product documentation for it? I had to guess how to use it. Do I have to run drivers and utilities?


Finally, I receive the following error message from my IBM notebook T60's Partition Magic 8.0 (PM) when I first inserted Corsair's USB drive:

PM has detected an error on the partition starting at sector 63 on disk 2.

The lefht of th epartition on the partition table is incorrect.

Che CHS leght is nnnnn

(It's a long message).

At the end it asks "Would you like PM to fix this error? I had to answer Yes.

After that I was able to copy files over into Corsair 8GB drive.

Do you want me to type the full message from PM? What should I do now ? Is there a way to confirm integrity of this Corsair 8GB drive?

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thanks for your reply. However, voyager mini usd drive does not behave like a hard drive. When I put my Windows to sleep, then start it up, Windows complain that my E: drive (voyager) is missing. Also, I have to eject it using Windows Task bar before I physically yank it out of my notebook.

Why isn't there documentation on pros and cons of "optimizing" drive performance vs "fast eject" ?

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It is a removable drive and should be set as such and you should use the safe to remove Icon with any remove able drive. Or you may corrupt the drive, and this type of documentation should come with the O.S.
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