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Asus P5Q3 and CMX3X2G1333C9B4 compatibility issues


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Help please.


Ok I got this PC from I buy power the works and all. Long story short it came with a P5Q3 a motherboard know to have issues with most memory chips. It Came with 8 GIGS 4 chips of CMX3X2G1333C9B4.


The system is totaly unstable. I pulled out 4 Gig that helped a lot but still getting tons of system hangs and restarts. I currently have the 4 gig one in A1, the other in A2. So one in a black slot on in a red slot. I found if i put both in the black slot or both in the red slot it was almost impossible to get a good boot.


My quesion is CM3X2G1333C9B4 compatible with the P5Q3. I have asked Asus with no answer so I thought I would ask you guys. If not then what should I buy or should I just RMA this thing back for a second time and tell them I want a new mother board.


I have never seen a system so totaly unstable. Do I need to down grade the clocking, put in a heat sink on these or what.


Somebody please help. Oh and yes i had to get the PC built as I have no clue how to put in a liquid cooling supply.

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