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New PS, No Juice

Mike H.

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Installed a new TX750W, when I try to turn on the PC, nothing. Even the PS' fan doesn't start.


The PC's front-panel LED is a steady amber, which according to the Troubleshooting info, means that there's a problem with a "device".


I've pulled/reinserted all the connectors a couple times, but it hasn't helped.


I've noticed that there's a miniature amber LED near one corner of the M/B that turns on when I turn on the power supply switch. I haven't found any documentation that explains the purpose of this LED.


Hoping someone can give me some advice on what I can do to get this thing working.




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The light indicates power, nothing more. When you're attempting to turn on the PC you're using the power button on the case, correct? Have you made sure the case switch is wired correctly, as is the PSU to the motherboard? May require 2 cables not just one, depending on the motherboard.


Wait, are you attempting to use that PSU on a Dell Inspiron Desktop 530? It may not be compatible, as their systems are usually proprietary. Sounds like Dell's saying the same thing: http://en.community.dell.com/forums/t/19277262.aspx


Just checked their manual, and amazingly the pinout on the motherboard's ATX 2.x compliant, so it should be compatible, but you never know with OEM systems. What worries me is that not even Dell sells PSUs for this model on their website.

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Yes, you found my question on the Dell Support forums. ;):


Yes, I'm trying to put the TX750W into an Inspiron 530.


I didn't realize that there were proprietary power supplies.


The only thing that appears "different" is that there's a 4-pin PCIE receptacle on the motherboard for "CPU Power". The original PS had a 4-pin connector plugged into that receptacle. The Corsair doesn't have any 4-pin connectors, so I used one of the 6-pin connectors (I thought you could do this). But since the M/B's "flea LCD" lights up, then that's probably not the problem?

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