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TX750 Chirping/Pulsing/Fan Twitch


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Hi, and thank you for any help in advance.


I recently purchased a TX750w to complete my new build. I installed everything, and upon plugging in the power chord to the PSU and turning the power switch to “I”, I noted a strange chirping noise being emitted from the PSU. Upon further inspection, this chirping noise was accompanied by both a twitching fan on the PSU and blinking “power-switch” and “clear cmos” buttons on the motherboard—both in sync with the noise.


I originally though this problem was with the motherboard so I went through the works—running with only one ram stick in different slots, checking the “power switch” 2 pin connecter, etc. However, no matter what, I couldn’t get the computer to start.


So, I cleared out the motherboard and all other components—minus the power supply and fans. I used the paperclip trick and got the fan/LED combination to run, but….the light and the fan speed was pulsing with the previous chirp of the PSU.


I don’t think this chirp/twitch is normal. But I wouldn’t know.

Any help would be great.


Thank you,


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If you have another system you can try the PSU on I would give that a try just to make sure the problem follows the PSU. However from the sound of it, it seems like the PSU will need to be replaced. To have us replaced the unit, please use the On Line RMA Request Form and we will be happy to replace it. Be sure to check the box that says “I've already spoken to Technical Support and/or RAM Guy.”
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Just in case this applies to anyone else, I thought I would post an update.

I plugged the PSU into 2 other systems, and both would fail to start with the new one in. However, with the old one in, they worked fine.



So, I proceeded with the RMA.

Fingers crossed this one will solve the problem!

Thanks for the help.

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