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Worldwide warranty in India.

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I know that this question has been asked a lot of times but I need to confirm some doubts of mine.

My cousin has bought me a XMS2 800 cl4 2x2 GB ram from newegg. I want to ask if something goes wrong with the rams will I'll be able to retain the warranty here in India.

In India Corsair has tied up with Kaizen Infoserve Pvt Ltd to provide authorized RMA services across 23 centers nationwide for the entire range of CORSAIR products. Am I or my cousin eligible to RMA the rams there?

The corsair guys here in India says that "As per corsair terms and condition we only provide replacements for Corsair products purchased in India from authorize dealers only."


In one post you said that Corsair Products carries International Warranty, no matter where you are residing now. The only thing matters is the proof of purchase and a nearby authorized corsair hub.

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If Kaizen said they can only help with the RMA process with products bought in India, and your memory was not bought from India, then it falls back onto placing an RMA with Corsair directly. Because of their ties with Kaizen, I doubt they have a need for their own depots in India.


Note that this thread was started after Corsair closed for the day, so they won't see or respond to it until Monday at the earliest.

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