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TWIN2X4096-PC8500 C5 & Asus Striker II Formula


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I have just purchased these modules, and they will arrive tomorrow. I know that ASUS boards sometimes struggle with setting RAM up automatically, and thanks to the advice I got here I manually setup the last RAM in the BIOS and it's never failed me.


So for my board, what should I enter into the RAM Section so that these modules will work ok ?


Thanks in advance.

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DDR2-1066 (XMS2-8500C5*4GB*SLI)



4GB Kit (2 x 2GB)






240-pin DIMM


Heat Spreader



Is that what you mean ? And the CPU is a 2.66Ghz Quad Intel Core 2 Q6700



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OK I installed the RAM and obviously entered the 5-5-5-15 timings, with Clock cycles to 2T , voltage is 2.1.


System is stable, CPUz reports DRAM Frequency at 533Mhz so I assume thats correct.


CPUz also reports SPD Ext : EPP is that the Enhanced Performance Profiles ?


For the Mobo I am using, do I need worry about EPP ? And if so, how do I set them ? (Only noticed SLi settings for RAM in the BIOS)

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