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550VX Fan Speed


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How do I test/adjust the variable fan speed in my Corsair 550VX?


It appears that the fan doesn't increase in speed as the case heats up anymore. When I first installed a 550VX to replace my Nexus 400w, the Corsair moved a lot more air out of the case than the Nexus.


The first 550VX failed after about 90 days, and NewEgg replaced it. The fan in this second VX550 has stopped speeding up as the temps increase, and seems to be staying at the slowest speed.


I would be happy to manually set the fan to the higher speed and sacrifice silence. Or maybe I need a PSU that allows me to manually adjust the speed.


I'd appreciate any ideas.

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  • Corsair Employees
Unfortunately the fan speed in our PSUs is not adjustable, it is controlled internally by the PSU depending on the loading on the PSU and the temp within the PSU. The fan is only intended to keep the PSU cool and not the system itself and I believe its designed this way to keep the overall noise at the lowest possible level. As long as the fan is moving there should be nothing to worry about, and it will spin very slowly in most cases. However if the fan were ever to stop spinning we would want to replace the unit for you.
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