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Cannot stabilize memory!


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As my specs will say below, I'm running an i7 920 D0. I also purchased a 12GB memory kit with model # HX3X12G1600C9 G.


On my motherboard, I have overclocked my i7 processor to 4.0GHz on air (My heatsink is a V8). My multiplier is 21x191, which is 4GHz with Turbo enabled.


My voltages are:


CPU Vcore: 1.275

CPU VTT: +300mV

QPI PLL: 1.25v

DIMM Voltage: 1.6v


I'm also only using 4.8GT/s. My memory multiplier is 2:8, which is 1066, but this comes out to about 1530, which is 70 below the advertised 1600.


My timings have been manually set to 9-9-9-24, and I've tried both 1T and 2T command rate. Memtest passes just fine, windows boots fine, I can even use windows for hours without issue. However, once I use the "Blend" test on Prime95, depending on how I've tinkered with my DIMM voltage and VTT, I get "hardware failure" errors in Prime95, sometimes followed by system lockups or bluescreens.


My memory is only being run to spec, I don't see why it is having so much trouble. This probably has to do with the fact that my CPU is being overclocked and something isn't being sufficiently powered. My CPU shouldn't require at or over 1.3v to function properly, though. It's a D0!


SmallFTTs even fails after a while, which means my CPU probably isn't properly overclocked either. It would be nice to just have an overall opinion of my overclock, but my main concern is why I am unable to stabilize my memory. I purchased 12GB of RAM, however it was impossible to stabilize that memory at 1600, so I'm just using 6GB now (3 DIMMs).

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Dimm voltage is stock 1.65v , not 1.6v.


Your overclock is nice, but it is possible that your cpu OC is not stable, because your Vcore is still low for a D0 cpu.

1.3Vcore if it's stable that's still a normal Vcore for D0 @ 4Ghz HT + turbo on.

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I would check if your memory runs stable when you don't have your CPU OC. If it runs stable then you just might be putting to much stress on your CPU having it overclocked and having all 6 dimm slots occupied. More Dimm slots you use the more stress you put on the memory controller which is on the CPU. Having the CPU OC as well could cause it to be too much. Nice setup you have though! =)
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