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RMA advice on 16GB Voyager GT


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G'day guys,

My Voyager GT has been playing up recently. For now I have immediately backed up all of the information on it as I started to get "USB device not recognised" errors and made a startling discovery the other day upon removing it from a combination USB/eSATA port (noting that the port was resisting plugging and unplugging) that I can physically separate the circuit board from the case. It appears that the 'glue' inside it has disintegrated allowing me to pull the case free.


I have treated it quite well and am surprised that this has happened, so will the return be accepted? I'm from Australia, so what is the turn around if the RMA is accepted?


If I return it for replacement, will the cap also be replaced? (As I have lost it :!oops:)


Thanks. :)

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