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Problem with TWIN2X4096-6400C5DHX

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Hi all.

Right i bought some Corsair XMS2 4GB : 2x2GB modules DDr2 pc2-6400

When i put them both in my computer would not boot and i got lots of beeps from the M/B, i then removed them both and put 1 stick in slot 1 and it booted, then put the same stick in slot 2 and that booted as well, then i put the second stick in slot one and just got beeps and did not boot, put the same stick in slot 2 and the same beeps and did not boot.


After a lot of playing i got my computer to boot with both sticks, If i put the working stick in slot 1 and the faulty stick in slot 2 the computer will not boot, just beeps, But if i put the working stick in slot 2 and faulty one in slot 1, it does boot.

But in the "System" from controll pannel it only says 3GB, if i run CPU-Z it does say 4098Mb and reconises both sticks as 2048 pc2-6400.


So i am a little confused why the system says 3GB and the CPU-Z says 4GB.

And also the order i have to put the ram in to get it to boot.

The other think is in CPU-Z the working stick i can see the serial number, but on the faulty stick i can not see the serial.


The ram is supposed to comatible with my M/B and i belive i have a faulty stick. the Shop i got it from (on-line) have said i can send them back for them to test, but i wanted some idears if it is faulty of if its my M/B.


My system spec`s are in my profile, and have included a screeny of the Ram (system and CPU-z)


Thx for any advice.


P.s. sry for any bad spelling in not my strong point + have been up all night trying to figure it out.

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Hi thx for the reply, usefull stuff.

I have changed to Windows 7 x64 and had another play. Now the stick that woud not boot on its ownt in ether slot will boot in slot 2 only when used on it owne, but still have to have the ok stick in slot 2 and the faulty one in slot 1. and the stick that works in both still does. it does show 4Gb of ram, but still only 1 of the sticks can see the serial number plz see pics.





also i just want to make sure, is it best to get the replaced with the shop i bought them or direct from Corsair? As the shop is not listed on your dealers (Supamedia.co.uk)

Thx for the help


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