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QPI-DRAM Voltage TR3X6G2000C8GTF


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After reading though many of the forms here it seems clear that for the TR3X6G2000C8GTF to run at 2000MHz one should select X.M.P in the BIOS and from reading what RAM GUY says in a few places for Ram of this nature leave the QPI-DRAM Voltage high in the 1.5 - 1.7 range.


My Question is: What exactly does the QPI-DRAM Voltage do and which components does it effect? ie heat ect.. RAM GUY suggests in different threads to increase QPI-DRAM to high voltages above 1.5... yet this seems on the high end of the scale for QPI-DRAM Voltages according to my motherboards manual? (are Asus corp and Intel Corp being over cautious?)


My Problem is: At 2000mhz X.M.P I'm not finding stability in Prime95. I have set my QPI-DRAM at 1.6v and increased incrementally up to 1.65v and can boot but not get though Prime95 for more then 10sec.


I'm running i7 920 on Asus P6T Deluxe v2 and when I select X.M.P in BIOS the settings appear as follows:


AI Overclock Tuner= X.M.P

CPU Ratio= 19

Intel Spd Stp= Disabled

BCLK= 143

PCIE= 100

DRAM= 2006Mhz

DRAM Timing=

QPI-DRAM Voltage= 1.60 tested incrementally up to 1.65

DRAM Voltage= 1.66


Any suggestions to get this Dominator GT ram running at its optimal would be greatly appreciated?

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