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P256 and MBP

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Hello everybody.

Just as another user on this forum I recently bought a P256 and installed it on a MacBook Pro 15" (late 2008, the 5.1) but I think I have some problems.

I'm not impressed by the speed as I thought.

I use the MBP for my job (I'm a photographer) and when I copy through LIGHTROOM the pictures I shot with a CF card connected via a FireWire800 reader I'm sure it's slower than my "old" WD Scorpio.

Also when I try to save my (big) pictures on the P256 I have the feeling is not so speedy.

Yes, booting time is slower but just a 30%.

I don't understand if my unit has some problem or not.

Is there anybody who could help?

Thank you


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Are you saying the SSD is slower the the HDD when using the system or just when you copy from another drive?



Yes, actually what I saw is that is sensibly slower copying data to and from the SSD.

The system is quite speedy but not as I expected.

Thanks a lot for your answer.



P.S. Do you think it could be because the P256 is full for its 80%?

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Yes if you have the drive 80% full then that will have a dramatic impact on performance.

RAM GUY, that's a very bad news.

I understood that SSD in general don't suffer this kind of problem while "normal" HDD do.

Is that an issue of this drive?

This answer really disappoint me 'cause for my job I continuously put on and out a large ammount of Gb and I was looking for something fast as an SSD should be.

Several friends have different SSD and everything works fine.

Am I unlucky?

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@amro: thanks but that's the first thing I did once I cloned my old WD Scorpio.


@RAM GUY: thanks for the link (I've read several "hands on tests" about SSDs but this one was missing).


At this point I think that it could be interesting for evryone to understand where is the "point of no return" in filling our P256.

I Mean, which is the limit? 50%?


In any case what I felt is that my old HDD didn't suffer the problem like this SSD.

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NP Please let us know how you make out!


Sorry but what do you mean?

How do I make out that my old HDD doesn't suffer so much?

Simply because I worked with both and being both filled at almost the 80% the HDD was faster in copying and moving files.


Can you please tell me (if exists) which is the point where the P256 could be considered still fast? 50%?



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I am sorry I don't know what to tell you myself and everyone else I know of does not seem to see that problem with the SSD. However we are not trying to fill the drive to capacity. I would suggest moving every thing off of the drive that does not need to be there so you can use it at it full potential.
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