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Advise on Corsair compatability with Asus.


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What is the best Corsair RAM to use on the Asus Striker II NSE board?


Note this board uses 1333 memory that can be oc'd.


Ideally the corsair ram should be EPP2 aswell.


The configurator on http://www.corsair.com lists some units but says nothing about EPP2 compatibility.


Any ideas?



I'm a noob btw. I just want some good Corsair ram where I can just select auto everything in the BIOS and the pc will run fine. It'd be nice to enable the ram to auto OC aswell using EPP2.


So do I need 1333 Ram or 1600 ram. Bear in mind the MB says 1333mhz, and 1600mhz overclock.

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Should work just fine, however that memory is no longer listed on their website, so presumably it hasn't been made in a while. What do you plan on using your system for? You may want to get a 4 GB pack instead of a 2 GB pack.


Also, what CPU do you have? (HINT: update your profile)

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Thanks for your reply.


I'm a little wiser now. Basically I can't decide between:



(1333, 2x2GB)



(1600, 2x2GB)


(I've given up trying to find the NV versions, they are far too rare).


The 1600 is rated at 1600 while for the NSE board Asus says it only goes upto 1333. (Corsair configurator says it's compatible though, but I'm not sure as the configurator advises exactly the same set of modules for the NSE and the Extreme)


Basically my goal is performance, I don't have to set world records in OC'ing (otherwise I'd have gotten the Striker II Extreme) but a little OC wouldn't be bad.


I can buy TW3X4G1600C9DHX easily for 1$ more than TW3X4G1300C9DHX,


My question is will TW3X4G1600C9DHX work in the Striker II NSE?

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Ok last question:



On a E8500 and Asus Striker II NSE what should I set the BIOS Ram values to for a completely stock system?


1333-9-9-24? Or 1600? Or just Auto?


Note the RAM is not EPP2.

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