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We are ready to build an i7 system to replace our present system which was assembled with guidance from members of this forum.


The present system is:

Gigabyte EP35-DS4

Intel E8400 oc to 4 GHz

Zalman CNPS9700i7

Corsair HX620W

Corsair Twin DX4096-6400C4DHX


These are the components we are considering for the i7 system:

Gigabyte GA-X58-UD4P or Asus P6T Deluxe V2

Intel i7 920 oc to 4 GHz

Thermalright 120 Extreme

Corsair HX1000W

Corsair HX3X12G1600C9


The current posts indicate issues with running 12GB of ram at 1600 MHz if two 6GB kits or ram are used.


Will purchasing the HX3X12G1600C9 kit allow running the ram at 1600 MHz?


Would the P6T Deluxe V2 i7 or the GA-X58-UD4P be a better choice for achieving the 4 GHz overclock with the i7 processor and HX3X12G1600C9 ram?


Thank you.

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So, even though purchasing the 12GB kit will up my chances of overclocking the ram, it is still "luck of the draw" as to whether the processor (and memory controller) will support the speed and voltage settings required to achieve 4 GHz?


I have noticed some of the more recent posts making reference to a "D" stepping of the processor as opposed to earlier posts referencing the "C" stepping.


Any known changes in the "D" stepping that would increase my chances of a successful overclock to 4 GHz?


Thank you.

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