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Acronis Disk Director Bootable USB Flash Drive Problem


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Hello. I recently purchased Corsair 16 GB Flash Voyager. I am trying to create bootable media from my flash drive, but so far it is not working. I sucessfuly created the bootable media in Acronis Disk Director and set the boot priority in bios to USB HDD first. However, upon reboot, the system is not detecting my flash voyager.


I am currently running Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit.


Here is the step I took:

1. Format the flash drive in FAT32 from Windows.

2. Ran Acronis Disk Director and created bootable media. Only selected full version of the disk director.

3. Reboot the system

4. In bios, changed boot priority configuration to USB HDD > HDD

5. Reboot the system

6. The system is not detecting the flash drive.


Any help would be great. Thanks in advance!

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There is no utility available that will work 100% of the time, the best way is to use a Win9X Boot floppy and set the flash Drive as a USB HDD with no other HDD and use the Win9X Boot Floppy or CD to FDISK and format the Flash Drive.
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