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New Build, Smoke at first boot!


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Hi all,


I purchased a TX650 for use in a new build. Upon first boot up, there was a strong burning smell and smoke coming out of the rear of the PSU. :[pouts: I immediately shut the thing down. It still appears to be functioning however, as it will power all the fans in my case, and case LEDs along with the CPU fan and LEDs on the motherboard. Nevertheless, I am unable to get any video signal out of my motherboard. I have tried many different solutions including breadboxing, how I am wondering if the smoke on the initial bootup may have caused damage to my motherboard or CPU via a power surge or something of the sorts and that is why I cannot get a display.


Do you all think I should RMA the PSU to Corsair, even though it still seems to be providing power based on the smoke? Moreover, should I get a new motherboard?


Thanks for your help!

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I would definitely RMA the PSU and not use it anymore. Use the TSX Express link in my signature below to start the process.


As for the other components, do you have any way to test them before you ship them off? Perhaps a friend or local shop could help?

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