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Dead 16GB GT Drive..again.


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Well looks like this drive has lasted the longest of the replacement drives I have received: 8 months. I deleted about 10GB of pictures off of it to make room for some files I needed, so I was switching it between computers. When I put it into the 2nd computer it copied data fine for a bit and then stopped with some drive write error.

I tried to unplug and put it back into the computer but it said I needed to format it before I could use it. I didn't want to format it because I needed to get the data off of it - the data was irreplaceable, months of work. So I downloaded a data recovery program onto computer 1, plugged the drive in and it didn't show up under my computer. The driver now said USB MEMORY BAR USB DEVICE. It doesn't allow me to assign it a drive letter because it crashes disk management on vista. The drive doesn't show in Linux, Mac OSX, Vista, Windows 7, or XP.


I was looking through some posts on here. There's a new 16GB GT? Whats the difference? Maybe this one won't die on me. :)

Anyway I know the drill, I need to submit an rma request..again.




Just an edit for clarification:

The blue led on the drive is on all the time when it's plugged into the computer. It shows up under Safely Remove Hardware.

It shows up as having 10 or 11 sectors and 5632 bytes.

Edit 2:

I looked around the forum for similar problems and someone suggested to someone else to use SMI Mass Production Tool. After I spend about an hour trying to get my drive to get a drive letter, the program froze up for about half an hour, and then it let me format the drive. It said it had quite a few bad sectors, it's usable capacity has dropped 200MB from 15.1GB to 14.9GB, and windows still sees it as USB MEMORY BAR USB DEVICE. Anyway after I got it formatted, I couldn't recover any data at all, in fact it showed it as having no data ever, which is weird. So if anyone else thinks that the above mentioned tool will help get you data back, you're wrong. Anyway, I want to get this drive replaced because I don't trust it with my data, it's already failed once. I submitted a RMA request thing.

Edit 3:

Just for fun I began copying some data to the drive. It looked like it copied fine, so I pulled it out and stuck it in another computer. Looks like that corrupted the drive because now (again) says I need to format it before I can use it. This drive is definitively broken.

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...the data was irreplaceable, months of work...

Please don't think I'm harping on this since I'm sure this is a lesson hard learned, but never delete source files until after confirmation at the destination and only if you absolutely need the space, and even then, not for "irreplaceable" work. Multiple copies on multiple drives (not partitions), burned to DVD (just do a daily DVD+RW backup) in multiple systems in multiple physical locations is the only way to ensure against loss of data. Technology fails, often catastrophically (completely) because of the degree to which manufacturers push the limits of a given technologies capabilities in order to compete.


I hope you managed to recover some of the data from the source. Did you try recovery software such as FreeUndelete? The scan takes quite a while but I have successfully recovered files with this before.


Good luck!

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I completely agree and understand. I wasn't actually able to recover any data from the drive itself, but I found a backup from about 3 months ago. The backup + scouring emails and people I sent and copied things to reclaimed most of my data. I need to do daily or weekly backups, or write something that mirrors the data to my computer when I plug the drive in.


Anyway I got the RMA info emailed to me, so its as good as its going to get here on my end. Thanks again for the speedy response time Corsair.

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